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Marshmallow shooter Ammo
Large 10 oz. bag
of Ammo
Miniature Marshmallows
(over 400  marshmallows)

Fun for Hours
The Original Marshmallow Shooter is amazing. Our marshmallow shooters are handmade and shoot miniature marshmallows up to 40 feet just by blowing. You will be truly amazed with how far they shoot.
The Marshmallow Shooter is a Blast with kids and adults alike and the Soft and Safe Ammo is cheap and easy to get.
The Fun really begins when you have a Marshmallow Shooter for everyone in the family.
It is a Fun way to entertain everyone.
The Toy Marshmallow Shooter is a hit at Birthday Parties or any kind of party and they make wonderful Gifts for the whole family. They are Fun for all ages.
Marshmallow Shooter
The Marshmallow Shooter is Fun for everyone and it is the gift they will never forget. Looking for that very Unique Gift, we have it. Toys and Games, Fun for kids of All Ages.
A Very Unique Gift and its Fun!!
The unique Rotating Flag Pole changes direction as the wind does.
This unique design allows you to place a Flag anywhere in the ground with ease.
Comes with a 3 x 5 foot American Flag.
Rotating Flag Pole cheap marshmallow shooters Rotating Flag
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A Unique Gift
for any Age
Our Items
are Handmade
in the USA
The Hair Braiding Halo
The Halo Hair Braiding Accessory
A new hand made item that you braid into the hair making for a beautiful unique hair braiding style for any occasion. We have many assorted colors.
Newest Hair Style
The Fun Never Ends
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Guaranteed Hours upon Hours of Fun with The Marshmallow Shooter
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starter bag of Marshmallow Ammo shipped with every Marshmallow Shooter
The build your own Marshmallow Shooter Kit is amazing and is one of the hottest and fastest selling novelty gifts around this year. A miniature marshmallow is placed into the shooter and is blown through the tubing creating a pressure that can truly launch the mini marshmallow up to 40 feet if not more.

You can have so much Fun with the Marshmallow Shooter because marshmallows don't hurt and ammo is cheap and are found at any local grocery store.
flag pole unique flag pole rotating flag pole tangle free flags yard flags mobile flags unique items
Hair Braiding Style
Hair Braiding Accessory
Hair Braiding Accessory

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This build your own
Marshmallow Shooter Craft Kit
contains all the pieces to make a marshmallow shooter including instructions and marshmallows.
cheap marshmallow shooters
marshmallow gun marshmallow shooter
marshmallow shooter craft kit
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